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The Design Process

*Note that this is a very simplified explanation. Details should be discussed thoroughly to avoid any misunderstanding.


The first meet-up of the Client and the Designer. They discuss the needs & wants, inspect the space, timeline, budget(?), do's and don'ts, etc.


The Designer then provides a formal Interior Design Fee proposal complete with the detailed rundown of the inclusions of the service.


Upon signing of the contract, the designer starts producing the plans, specifications, renderings, & details. This is a long process, at times longer than the actual construction.


The Designer & the Client provides a set of the plans and details to their preferred contractors for costing.


A long & exciting process. This is when the design starts to come to life!


Final placement of the furniture and accessories. Final documentation.


IDr. Mauro J. Nepomuceno Jr.,piid

Principal Designer

Illustrations. Photography. Travel. Neutrals. Coffee. Adidas. Shoes. Croissant. Gadgets. Game of Thrones.

IDr. Bianca G. Buenafe,piid

Senior Designer

Resin Art. Crafts. Color & Fabric. Travel. Criminal Minds. Pasta. Needlework. Adventure.

IDr. Raizel David,piid

Junior Designer

Travel. South Korea. Nature. Green. Mickey Mouse. Food.



MN Interiors is a small team of young professional interior designers lead by IDr. Mauro J. Nepomuceno Jr,piid. The team stands firm on their shared mentality that Interior Design is way beyond aesthetics – it is a science. This group of designers believe in growth. They are never bound to trends or specific styles, yet they deliver projects that are distinctively them (distinct to them?).

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” – J.P. Morgan

MN Interiors wants to help push Philippine Interior Design forward and be recognized on a global scale. The team understands that one of the ways to achieve such a huge objective is for (us) local designers to start rebuilding our design process & challenge ourselves to bring something original to the field.

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Studio Info

  •   (Globe) 0995 449 0981
  •   (Sun) 0922 821 6875
  •   (Landline) (02) 273 05 21
  •   Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines


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